Family Tussle  Part  1


Mbole Denis


Mbole Denis, Pamela Ndukong


Ngwak Kingsley, Pauline Mbome, Minash Mum, Sanga Desiree, Nicoline Aningba, Pamela Ndukong, Mandop Epanty, Ronald Munkwah, Frida Eposi, Zita Aliah, Nkonchi George, Prismike Ndang

Family Tussle Part 1

The trauma of losing someone is hard enough to deal with but when that trauma is coupled with betrayal and greed then it harder to handle. Solomon Shey has just died and he leaves behind three daughters. He lives all his assets to Becky and Mimi but not to Liduina, his second born daughter. In her anger, Liduina plots against her family.

Luduina is not the only who is happy with Solomon’s will. Solomon’s brother Lucien wants all of what his brother left to his two daughters. Lucien argues that his brother had no sons and thus he is the rightful heir to his wealth.

Lucien decides to consult a witch doctor in a plot to make his nieces poor. The love of money can be thicker than blood.

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