A Woman's World


Kamwa Anthony


Itambi Delphine


Bih Stella, Zoneziwoh Regina , Itambi Delphine, Geraldine Ringnla, Nchifor Vallery, Nzegge Melanie, Sylvester Mayah

A Woman's World

A Woman’s World revolves around Delit, a young pregnant girl who forcefully persuaded to commit abort her pregnancy by her boyfriend. In the process, she bleeds to the point of unconsciousness. Thinking he might have killed her, the Doctor tells her boyfriend that she is dead. Infuriated on hearing this, he stabs the Doctor in the stomach and disappears. Delit is rescued and travels abroad. Three years later, after realising that she is barren, she returns to Cameroon just in time to witness her ex-boyfriend’s wedding plans with another lady. With the help of her three friends, she plans her ultimate revenge in this semi-film noir with a feminist background, leaning on love, regrets, betrayal, and deceit, as well as echoing a campaign against premarital sex, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion.

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