Wabona Basics FAQs

Basic information about Wabona:

  1. What is a video streaming service? Video Streaming is the use an internet connection to 'stream' or instantly send a TV episode or film, straight to your PC or internet-enabled device, which includes Smart TVs, Smart Blu-Ray Players and mobile devices. Video streaming does not allow you to download the TV episode or film to your device.
  2. What you need to watch TV shows & films on Wabona? You will need a broadband (fixed line or mobile) internet connection of at least 2MB for fixed line broadband and 3G/7MB for mobile to ensure the best quality streaming. You will need a valid Wabona account to access TV shows and films on Wabona.
  3. What devices can I watch Wabona on? Wabona is accessible on your PC/Laptop or Apple Mac Computer, iOS enabled mobile devices (iPads and iPhones), Android and Blackberry device.
  4. Can I watch Wabona offline? Wabona currently can only be viewed online.
  5. Can I cancel my account anytime? Yes, although it would make us sad to see you go, you can cancel your account anytime. You just need to email [email protected] Subject: Account Cancelation and we will cancel your account within 24hrs.

Wabona Content FAQs

Information on Wabona Content:

  1. What can I watch on Wabona? Wabona has African TV shows, films, short films and documentaries. Wabona continues to grow its library as we speak.
  2. What are the Average Running Times of content on Wabona? TV shows on Wabona have an average running time of 25 minutes, films have any average running time of 90 minutes and Short Films vary from 7 minutes to 20 minutes.
  3. Are there Parental Controls on Wabona? Wabona is no under 16 years. Parental Guidance is advised for any viewers under 16 years of age.
  4. When can I expect new TV shows, TV episodes and film on Wabona? New series/season of TV shows will be released on a weekly or biweekly basis after the premiere of the first series/season. Wabona users will receive email notifications for any new content on Wabona. New content information will also be released on The Wabona Blog. Content availability is contingent on the region or country you reside in. Due to content licenses, some content may only be available in certain regions or countries.

Wabona Account Related FAQs

Information about Account related queries.

  1. What is the Wabona General Account Policy? To access Wabona you need register an account with Wabona. Refer to the Wabona Terms of Use for more information.
  2. Where can I get my Wabona Account Information & 30 day pass expiry date? You can access this information under the “My Profile Page”.
  3. Can I use my Social Media Accounts to Access Wabona? Yes you can, you can log into Wabona.

Wabona Technical FAQs

Information on Wabona Technical requirements and queries.

  1. Wabona Browser FAQs: For delivery of content to PC or Mac, Wabona recommends the following
    Safari version 5 and higher.
    Chrome version 11 and higher.
    Internet Explorer 7 and higher.
    Firefox 4 and higher.
  2. Wabona Queues: Wabona Queues allows you to create a list of content on Wabona that you would like to watch. To create a queue click on the My Queues tab and click on the new queue tab at the top right. Once created you can add titles to the queue by clicking on “Add To Queues” button on the content titles from the browse screen. Please note that you can customise the queues you create by naming each queue.
  3. Wabona My Profile Page: The Wabona My Profile Page allows you to buy more credits, view your account balance, view the titles you are currently watching and have rented.

Wabona Social Media FAQs

Information on Wabona Social Media Policy:

  1. What is Wabona’s Social Media Policy? Wabona allows users to login and connect their Facebook accounts. Please refer to the Wabona Terms of Use for more information.
  2. What is Wabona on Facebook? Wabona on Facebook allows you to share information about Wabona with others on Facebook, so your friends and others who have access to view information about you on Facebook will be able to see what you are watching Wabona. You can also Facebook Like Wabona at
  3. What is Wabona on Twitter? Wabona on Twitter allows you to Tweet and share information about Wabona with others on Twitter. You can follow Wabona on Twitter @WabonaOnline.
  4. What is The Wabona Blog? The Wabona Blog is Wabona’s Official Blog. It has all the information about Wabona and more. You can learn a bit more about the people behind Wabona, get information on TV shows and films on Wabona, read blogs by Wabona staff, keep up to date with Wabona Corporate information, and join in the conversation about your favourite TV shows and films on Wabona.

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