Andre Odendaal


Luke Rous, Joshua Rous


Nat Ramabulana, Tumi Morake, Motlatji Ditodi, Hanli Rolfes-Opperman, Zak Hendrikz, Carine Rous, Dirk Stoltz


Askies is quirky South African comedy about a rag-tag group of South Africans trying to learn Zulu. Set in multi-lingual South Africa, Askies explores the world of trying to communicate in South Africa with 11 official languages.




Askies follows a diverse group of quirky adults on a hilarious quest to learn a South African language to advance them in a race and culture conscious South Africa. Frida, a recently divorced pawn shop owner needs money fast or she will lose her business. After having her heartbroken once with the end of her marriage, Frida is determined not to lose her business. Determined as ever, she enlists the help of the most industrious tea lady ever, Persistence, to start a Zulu Language School for adults in Johannesburg. Learning a language has never been so fun. 

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