Gaz'lam - My Blood

Gaz'lam - My Blood


Director: Barry Berk, Hlomla Dandala, Alex Yazbek, Bronwyn Berry

Writers: Barry Berk, Charles Sapadin, Niel McCathy

Cast: Sibu Radebe, Thembi Seete, Hlengiwe Lushaba, Bubu Mazibuko, Manaka Ranaka, Siyabonga Shibe

Running Time:

Country Origin: South Africa

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Gaz’lam follows the journey of a young rural man chasing big city dreams in Johannesburg. Not many make it in the heart of Johannesburg, only those that dare to dream and sacrifice everything get a chance to make it. Gaz’lam is a story of dreams, love, sacrifice and family and putting it all on the line to make a new life.


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Season 1 (09/01/12)

Leaving behind his family, the love of his life and everything he knows in KwaZulu-Natal, Sifiso is going to Johannesburg to chase his dream of becoming a succesful music producer. 

Season 2 (08/20/12)

Sifiso is seemingly on top of the world but things are never as they seem. Khetiwe life is on the other spectrum struggling to find her way in Johanneburg and living in a dangerous place. 

Season 3 (09/16/12)

Sifiso's life is a mess and it seems he has lost everything. Can he find his way back to his family and friends? Or is he stuck in his destructive ways?

Season 4 (08/20/12)

Sifiso is trying to get his life back together and it looks like going back to KwaZulu-Natal maybe the best way to do that. But what about his life in Johannesburg? Can he have both? He will have to make some hard decisions.

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