The Lab

The Lab


Director: John Trengrove

Writers: John Trengrove, Colin Oliphant

Cast: Catriona Andrew, Nambitha Mpumlwana, Graham Hopkins, Fana Mokoena, Mothusi Magano, Dada Koyana

Running Time:

Country Origin: South Africa

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Set in the highflying world of Corporate Finance, The Lab is a fast-paced drama about an eclectic group of bankers chasing deals in the fast growing South African economy. In the City of Gold, Johannesburg, money is king and those who have it, rule. 






Season 1 (10/24/12)

Charles “Mingus” Khathi a financial analyst from Lancaster International is tasked with assessing the viability of an investment into The Lab, a corporate finance company lead by three maverick directors Pearl Luzukho, Monty Atkins and Jaws Bengu. Set against the backdrop of a booming post-apartheid economy where white corporate capital is adjusting to the realities of a new South Africa, The Lab’s directors are determined to get share of the new pie, however making it big is not without its challenges.

Season 2 (08/22/12)

Under new leadership The Lab purses a lucrative deal that has the potential of making the company into financial powerhouse. However, tensions begin to rise as tough decisions about the direction of the company have to be made, This ultimately makes the founders question whether The Lab represents what they had envisioned when they started the company. 

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