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Paramour (Short Film)


Maba Ba


Maba Ba


Shana Solomon, Maba Ba, Natalia Dzuyblo

Paramour (Short Film)

Adam, a young fashion designer in New York City just wants to follow his dream. His girlfriend Lisa Helps him along the way until the day she cannot face his failures anymore and leaves him. He is lost until he meets Eva, A young photographer full of life and passion.

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    master_oak: 09/09/12
    Great film! I wish there was an option to buy it ! I am a fashion designer myself and hoping that one day I could go to New York with my own collection. Watching 'Paramour' helps me dream bigger and gives me hope! PS great love story! Will make any girl drop a tear ...Highly recommend!
    doggie: 09/09/12
    What a beautiful movie! So inspirational! I

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