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Movies are one the best ways to tell stories about life, culture, politics, society, romance and fantasy. Creative Artists are tasked with bringing ideas and words to life to transport audiences to various places, feelings and emotions. African movies are no different. There has been a recent upsurge in the demand for instant, on-demand and affordable African movies from audiences all over Africa and the world. As the internet continues to democratize access to entertainment, Wabona is one of the first online Video-on-Demand services to provide African movies and TV shows online. Wabona is building a large library of African movies and TV shows showcasing Africa’s rich creative traditions, cultures, languages and development. African movies are highly sort in Africa and the African Diaspora with movies like Neria, Cry Freedom, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Shaka Zulu, Hotel Rwanda, District 9, Sarafina and Master Herald and The Boys finding critical and sometimes commercial success in Africa and the world.

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