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Suburban Bliss


Peter Se-Puma, Raymond Sargent, Bobby Heany


Craig Gardner, Geoff Newton


Martin Le Maitre, Desmond Dube, Seputia Sebogodi, Patrick Mynhardt, Motshabi Tyelele, Ruth Cele, Sue Pam-Grant, Sylvanie Strike

Suburban Bliss

One of the first Post Apartheid Sit-Coms in South Africa, this story focuses on the rocky relationship between a black and a white family, new neighbours in what was formerly an exclusively white neighbourhood. These two families are forever at each other’s throats – in the friendliest way possible, of course - as one misunderstanding after another arises out of ordinary day-to-day issues.




With the new freedoms in South Africa comes new opportunities and the Molois have just moved into their dream home in their dream neighbourhood. However, not everyone in the neighbourhood is happy with this and this makes for some interesting and fun times in Suburban Bliss.  

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