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Welcome to Wabona, your home for African films, documentaries and television shows. Come see what we have.

Demand for instant, affordable, on-demand South African movies and TV shows is growing at a faster pace than ever. Wabona is one of the first online Video-on-Demand services to provide South African movies and TV shows online. Wabona gives audiences from all over the world a direct look into South African entertainment. South Africa has a rich history in the creative arts of film and television production. Movies like the Gods Must Be Crazy, Shaka Zulu, Jock of the Bushveld, Sarafina and Master Herald and The Boys resonating well with African and global audiences.

In the 1994 South Africa became a democracy and with this also came the democratization of South African filmmaking. This led to an increase in multicultural and multiracial South African movies. Democracy also led to an increase in the quality of South African movies. To this point in 2005, South African movie Tsotsi was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category. In 2006 Tsotsi went on the win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film making it the first South African movie to win an Academy Award. Tsotsi is testament to the quality and caliber of movies made in South Africa. Today South Africa is one of the best destinations to film with movies like District 9, Safe House, Chronicle, Dread and Mad Max all finding filming locations in South Africa. In 2011, South Africa welcomed the Cape Town Film Studios, which is a Hollywood inspired film production complex. The Cape Town Film Studios are the first of their kind in Africa and will prove to a driving force in South African movie production.

Wabona continues to grow its South African movie library, which is consistent with its goal to be the largest home for South African movies and TV shows online.

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